About Me


I‘m Anastasia, (she/her/hers) Psychotherapist and Founder of Mandala Wellness. I am super informal so please just call me Stasia. I’m the mom and stepmom of 5 kids, (yes it can be a handful and no, I don’t have a favorite), I’m ALWAYS experimenting with my hair color, I’ve been doing it since I was a teenager and will probably do it till my dying day… I have always felt more comfortable being the odd one, weirdo and person someone who is trying to be polite would describe as “Unique”. I love experiencing and getting emersed in different cultures and finding the beauty in our world that sometimes get taken for granted. I love eating whole/real foods and experimenting in the kitchen, but don’t get me wrong, I’m also down for sitting around the table eating girl scout cookies and laughing for hours with my friends.

I believe that as humans our connections and our relationships are the most sacred experiences we have. Witnessing my clients' stories profoundly impacts me and reaffirms my choice to do my work with a whole heart. As a relational therapist I believe that the opportunity to develop a positive therapeutic relationship can be groundwork for exploring how an individual wishes to engage with family, romantic partners, friends, colleagues, and in all of life's transitions. I believe strongly in creating an environment that cultivates inclusion and acceptance so each and every person who I interact with can be their truest self.

Throughout my career, I have worked with culturally diverse populations in private, in-home, and non-profit settings. I was fortunate to work and live abroad for over 6 years providing me with experiences that allowed me to learn and develop my skills and techniques within the field. Furthermore, I have experience providing trainings to community groups, families, clients, and other professionals.

While theoretical orientation, postgraduate training, niche, and years in practice are important it often comes down to “the connection or fit” between a therapist and a client. In my opinion, this is the most essential component for real work and progress. However, for those who are interested, below is more about my qualifications.