Life Coaching


Anastasia Romano, LCSW, CDWF
Psychotherapist and founder of Mandala Wellness.


Are you feeling stuck? Unclear? Maybe like an imposter trying to fool everyone you meet so they think you have your Shit together? But inside feel overwhelmed, awkward, and out of place. Perhaps there are moments of joy but also moments of shame. Do you feel like you may fall apart any second and people will see what a mess you really are? Or that you just don’t know what to do to get out of your own way?

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with the state of the world, fighting for social justice while juggling your everyday responsibilities, exhausted, burned out and ready to curl up in your bed, but then think NO I can’t take a break because there is too much to get done!

Well then, welcome to the club!

I like to think of it as the club of Radical Self-love Warriors! Changemakers ready to engage in some good trouble, lean into discomfort with courage, revolutionary kindness, clear boundaries, shared humanity, and vulnerability; all on a mission to manifest our own destiny and disrupt the status quo.

How Coaching works

Ok… I get it, you may have some questions. I thought you were a therapist. Now you’re a life coach? What’s the difference anyway?

Well, I’m glad you ask…

Psychotherapy or “talk therapy” at its core is designed to treat and improve your mental health. It tends to focus on healing issues form the past. A lot of the work may focus on the present, but it tends to dig into the past in order to resolve the present issues or it could focus on working on maladaptive behaviors created by previous experiences and ways to manage those behaviors in a healthier and more productive way. Many clients seeking therapy have a mental health diagnosis that impacts their level of functioning in some area of their life.

Coaching is not focused on pathology and does not provide a mental health assessment. Instead, it focuses on helping you optimize your strengths, problem solves, fills in the gaps that keep you stuck so you can unstick yourself and get the things you want and deserve! And honestly you deserve it all, especially happiness and success!

To sum it up:

Now, with all of that said it doesn’t mean coaching never looks at the past... of course it does but that’s not the primary focus. Yes, there are other overlaps between psychotherapy and Coaching which is why I think it is a natural fit for me. To simplify it, when I coach I focus on the here, now, and future. When I provide psychotherapy, I focus on the underlying causes for distress and use evidenced base practice to address them and alleviate the negative symptoms.

So although I am clinically trained and am happy to work with you in a therapeutic relationship, that may not be the best fit… you may be clear on if therapy or coaching is right for you but if you still are unsure I’m happy to help and guide you in making that determination. That being said, if you want coaching but during our discussion it becomes clear that what you really need is more of a therapeutic intervention then I will help guide you to access that support. It might surprise you but many people have a therapist and coach!